Redecorating Outlets and Switches

If you’re anything like me, then you like to redecorate your every few years. How often, though, do you replace your old boring outlets and light switches? I many times overlook switching them out when I redecorate a room. Looking at old pictures, though, I can be how those outlets and switches stand out like a sore thumb, especially when I put so much effort into the rest of the room. It can be difficult to justify spending the extra money on something so basic.

Another reason I have put off changing and out is because the added cost of having to hire an electrician for such a small job. On the other hand, the thought of working with something electrical can be scary. Come to find out, though, switching out an outlet or light switch is simple. You can do it yourself to save lots of money and make your room look better.

If you are ready to start changing out your outlets and light switches, the first step is to turn off the electricity in the fuse box. If your fuses are labeled, you can determine which fuse controls where you are working and switch only that one off. If they are not labeled, it may be best to turn off all the electricity your house. Luckily, the work you need to do will not take long, so no need to worry about your food thawing out in the freezer.

Once the electricity is turned off, test the wires to make sure none of them are hot on using a voltage meter. If everything is off, simply remove the wires from the old outlet or light switch after removing the faceplate from the wall. Then, match the wires from inside the wall with the wires on the new switch or outlet, pigtail them together, push all wires back inside the wall, and replace the faceplate. If you did everything correctly, you will be ready to use one outlet for light switch as soon as you turn the breaker back on.